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Man Who Made Up Fake Story To Raise $400K For

A man who started a GoFundMe for a homeless veteran but used the money for himself and his ex-girlfriend plead guilty to his crimes in court yesterday, Daily Mail reports. Mark D’Amico had been charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud.  In 2017 he and Katelyn McClure went viral for their heartfelt story about how vagrant […]Read More

Erika Jayne Slammed For Posing In $700 Heels Amidst Embezzlement

Erika Jayne angered people on Instagram with her “tone deaf” post wearing $700 shoes amidst her legal troubles, Radar reports. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, who is named as a defendant in a $25 million lawsuit against her estranged husband Tom Girardi, was ripped to shreds in the comments of her picture. People […]Read More

Apryl Jones Says Omarion Still Serves Her Court Papers 6

Apryl Jones shocked people by admitting that Omarion keeps serving her with court documents regarding their kids, and said that it was their “method” of co-parenting.  The singer’s ex hopped on Instagram Live and told fans to ask her questions. When one inquired how things are with her baby daddy, she filled those watching in […]Read More

Lamar Odom Is Forced By Judge To Pay His Baby

A judge has ordered Lamar Odom to pay his ex almost $400,000 in backed child support, tuition, and rent after she sued him a few months ago.   His ex-girlfriend Liza Morales, who has appeared on “Basketball Wives“, took him to court in May, alleging they came to a settlement agreement in 2015 but he […]Read More

Mama June: Dentist Owes Me $35k, Stopped Work When He

Mama June is threatening a dentist with legal action if he does not reimburse her $35,000 for allegedly not finishing her dental treatment because she would not feature him on her reality show.  Page Six got ahold of a letter where June explains that Dr. Tom Kalili agreed to fix her teeth in exchange for […]Read More

Paramedic Cuts Ring Off Dead Woman’s Finger & Sells It

A paramedic who stole rings off a dead woman’s fingers has avoided prison time through a plea deal. Lisa Darlene Glaze is instead getting six years’ supervised probation for the theft in 2019. The Sentinel-Record reported that Gloria Robinson was rushed to the hospital for a medical issue and died, and her family noticed afterward […]Read More