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Many Women Are Reporting Serious Hair Loss As A Long

Many women are finding out about a frustrating long-term side effect of COVID: serious hair loss. CBS NY talked to a few who were affected.   Both Anita Levine and Sara Denig caught the virus in March of 2020. While their body has been clear of the virus for almost two years, they are still […]Read More

Woman On Flight Seen Texting Someone That She Currently Has

A picture going viral right now shows a woman on a plane texting someone that they have COVID, and it’s dividing the internet, the New York Post reports. Someone on a flight caught the supposedly infected person crafting the message and decided to snap a photo. They then posted it to the Reddit subthread /trashy. […]Read More

Woman Quartentines With Her Tinder Date After They Both Contract

An Australian woman’s video about how she and her Tinder date both got COVID and had to quarantine together is going viral. Sarah Henley, who goes by @poppymoore777 on TikTok, posted several short clips of their time couped up, captioning the video “so how’d you guys meet?”. While most probably think getting stuck on a first date […]Read More

Johnson & Johnson’s Claim That All Vaccines Cause Blood Clots

Johnson & Johnson is under fire after making a claim that all vaccines all linked to blood clots, as the author they cited denies that’s true. The company released a response to news that people were experiencing blood clots after getting the J&J vaccine, saying “We are aware that thromboembolic events including those with thrombocytopenia […]Read More

Atlanta Colleges Requiring COVID Vaccinations To Return To Campus In

Clark Atlanta University, Morehouse College, Morehouse School of Medicine, Spelman College, and the AUC Robert W. Woodruff Library announced they would require everyone to get COVID vaccines to return to campus in the fall. The schools are part of the Atlanta University Center Consortium, which released the decision Monday. They require all students, faculty, and […]Read More

Man Has Stroke Hours After Getting J&J Vaccine That CDC

A Mississippi man has become paralyzed in half of his body and lost the ability to speak within hours of taking the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, his family claims.   Brad Malagarie, a 43-year-old dad to seven kids, got the shot on April 6, and four hours later his coworkers found him slumped over. He […]Read More

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