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Wife Of NYPD Lieutenant Who Got A Lap Dance From

By now we have pretty much all seen the photos of an NYPD cop giving her lieutenant a lap dance at their work holiday party. And it looks like the man’s wife has also seen it, as she lashed out at reporters who caught the two outside their home, the NY Post reports.    A […]Read More

New York Woman Rants About Hating Cops Hours Before Killing

A woman went on a rant about cops, calling them “roaches” and “annoying to look at”, hours before hitting and killing one with her car while drunk driving early Tuesday morning in Queens. Sources told The NY Post that Jessica Beauvais, 32, was almost twice the legal limit when she struck and killed NYPD officer […]Read More

Kentucky Proposes A Bill That Would Make Insulting Or Taunting

As if the police weren’t already assaulting blacks for the longest and its not illegal, Kentucky introduces a bill that could make assaulting and taunting your fellow officers a crime.  The bill is sponsored by state Senator David Carroll, who get this, is a retired cop, he would make it a class B misdemeanor punishable […]Read More

T.I. Responds To Viral Video Of An Officer Holding Black

At a press conference held Wednesday, rapper Clifford “T.I.” Harris joined victims and the families of the group of teenage boys who were held at gunpoint by police officers. Authorities claimed the boys were allegedly trying to steal from a convenience store and holding a gun in Clayton County, Georgia. The incident was recorded and […]Read More

Cop Aggressively Drags Woman Out of Her Car and Puts

Last week Mia Wright claimed a cop pulled her out of the car by her hair and knelt on her neck while she and her family and a funeral director were leaving a shopping plaza.  Wright told the Chicago Sun Times that police officers ran up to their vehicle with guns drawn and ordered them […]Read More

Baltimore Police Officer Caught On Video Purposely Coughing at Local

A Baltimore police officer was caught on camera purposely coughing at local residents.  According to the video obtained by TMZ, a woman started heckling a Baltimore Sargeant. “Hey officer Friendly with the cherry cheeks,” she said. The officer then seemingly faked a cough attack as soon as he got close enough to the women recording. […]Read More

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