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Man Leaves Girlfriend The Day After She Gives Birth… For

It’s something straight off the Maury Show: a woman in England says her baby daddy left her just a few days after birth for another woman. Who was the homewrecker? Her own mother. Jess Aldridge says that she was always a little suspicious of how friendly her boyfriend Ryan Shelton and her mom Georgina were […]Read More

Claudia Jordan Says Donald Trump, “Tried to Kiss Me” Despite

Another day, another cringy Trump scandal! Claudia Jordan reveals that the president tried to kiss her, despite his marriage to Melania. The “Cocktails and Queens” host tells the “Behind The Velvet Rope With David Yontef” podcast, prior to her appearance on “The Apprentice,” she would frequently receive flirty calls from Trump. “He would call me […]Read More

A1 Bentley Tells Wife Lyrica To “Get Over” His Cheating

‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ stars A1 Bentley and Lyrica talked about the rapper’s infidelity on Zeus Network’s show, ”The Conversation.” He also tells Lyrica that if she can’t get over it then she can leave. Bentley explained that the last time he stepped out should be considered a “hall pass” since the couple was […]Read More

Girl Claims MoneyBaggYo is Trying to Creep with her behind

Life comes at you fast: an adage proven painfully true for social media superstar Ari Fletcher, when screenshots of her “U Played” rapping honey’s attempt at infidelity surfaced on Instagram Thursday. The irony behind the madness is that Ari sent crotches wild today when she publicly asked MoneyBaggYo if they could introduce another woman into […]Read More

Man Hospitalized After Wife Put Chasity Belt on His Penis

A Ukraine man woke up to find that his wife had placed a metal “chastity” nut belt on his penis while he was sleep to stop him from having affairs on her._____________________________________According to sources, the unnamed man, first knew something was wrong when he woke up in pain and saw the device constricting his private […]Read More