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Researchers Say Homicide Is The Leading Cause Of Death For

Reports of domestic violence have drastically risen in the past few years, and this includes one of the most vulnerable groups: those that are pregnant. In a time where people are typically celebrating bringing a life into the world, they’re also having to worry for their lives. The number one cause of death in pregnant […]Read More

CDC Advises Not To Share ‘Items With Saliva On Them’

With COVID cases surging amid the holidays, the CDC doesn’t solely want you to stand clear of the novel coronavirus, they’re also warning individuals about cytomegalovirus, also known as CMV. According to Lifestyle, “CMV is a double-stranded DNA virus and a member of the human herpesvirus family.”   CMV is common and can affect any and […]Read More

COVID Deaths Jump 52% In Just One Day, John Hopkins

The number of people dying of COVID increased by over 50% this week, data shows. Johns Hopkins University published a study today showing that Friday’s reported deaths were 3,354 people, while only 2,204 people died the prior day. That’s a 52 percent rise in fatalities. The number of total cases increased about 10 percent, from […]Read More

Dr. Fauci Gives The All Clear For Holiday Gatherings Amongst

Last year during the holidays there was a hault on large gatherings during thanksgiving and Christmas due to Covid. Although Covid is still prevalent, disease expert Dr. Fauci is deeming it safe to enjoy the holidays with your family if you’re vaccinated. Halloween was cancelled for the kids last year along with thanksgiving and Christmas […]Read More

Babies Fed A Homemade Alkaline Diet Were Reportedly Hospitalized With

According to the CDC, infants were hospitalized after being fed homemade alkaline-diet formulas. It causes babies to eventually develop rickets and brain injuries. These diets contain components such as sea moss, hemp seeds, dates, coconut water, and alkaline water. Although the ingredients can be extremely helpful for adults, studies find that they can be harmful […]Read More

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