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19-Year-Old Mother Gives Birth To Twins With Different Dads After

A mother has learned that her twins have different dads. A 19-year-old woman from Brazil conceived twins after sleeping with two different men on the same night. Nine months after, she gave birth and was in for a shocking surprise. Just before the twins first birthday, she decided to take a paternity test after having […]Read More

Woman Sues Dentist For Performing Botched Nose Job That Left

A Brazilian woman is suing her dentist for £6000 after she received a botched nose job. Elielma Carvalho Braga, 37, who is also a beautician is claiming that the dentist who advertised nostril reduction surgery has caused her to lose part of her nose completely, The Sun reports.  According to reports, “in Brazil, dentists are […]Read More

Brazilian Singer Hospitalized For ‘Trapped Farts’ After Holding In Farts

27-year-old Brazilian Singer Viviane de Queiroz Pereira was recently hospitalized after refusing to fart around her boyfriend because they weren’t on “farting terms.” The unfortunate encounter eventually led to gas build-up, according to Newshub. She revealed her shocking experience in her Instagram story.  The singer wrote, “I woke up at 5:30 a.m. with severe stomach […]Read More

Brazilian Artist Dies Falling From Hotel Balcony, Feared Wife Would

A Brazilian musician tragically died after falling from a hotel balcony. 23-year-old MC Kevin, who was born Kevin Nascimento Bueno, fell to his death from a Rio de Janeiro hotel on May 16. According to authorities, Kevin was found near a swimming pool at the hotel. The incident took place just weeks after he married […]Read More

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