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Black Lives Matter Used Donations To Purchase $6 Million Southern

According to reports, Black Lives Matter has purchased a $6 million Southern California home after using donated funds.  New York Magazine reports that last June, three leaders of the movement, Melina Abdullah, Patrisse Cullors, and Alicia Garza, filmed outside of the home, which was secretly purchased as they marked the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s […]Read More

Amazon Fundraising Site Kicks BLM Off Platform Over Donation Drama

Black Lives Matter got kicked off Amazon’s fundraising platform today due to a report by the Washington Examiner about how the organization handles their donations. AmazonSmile kicked BLM off their site, after a news report revealed that they have not reported where past donation money went. Amazon rules claim you have to be in “good […]Read More

Video Shows Man Allegedly Having Public Outburst Over Black Lives

A Tiktok video of a man having a public outburst about freedom of speech and violence has gone viral. The 27 second clip now has nearly 50,000 views with more than 2,000 likes. The comment section has been turned off as no TikTok users were able to comment on the video and express their opinions. […]Read More

Florida Man Pleads Guilty To Ordering Hit On Ex, Planned

A Florida man who pleaded guilty to orchestrating a murder-for-hire plot on his ex-girlfriend and her husband is now facing up to ten years in prison.  Daniel Slater, 51, of Palm Beach County admitted that he met with an associate who agreed to commit the murder on multiple occasions from May to June 2020, according […]Read More

The Proud Boys Are So Broke, They Are Selling Black

Far-right group The Proud Boys is reportedly so broke that they have resorted to selling Black Lives Matter t-shirts to make money, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. The organization has been “bleeding money since January, like hemorrhaging money,” because of their involvement in the Capitol riots and political tensions, their chairman […]Read More

White Lives Matter Organized Protests But Nobody Showed Up, Counterprotestors

White Lives Matter reportedly organized a protest this weekend throughout different cities across the U.S to promote their racist antics but nobody showed up. White supremacist groups attempted to stand up against the anti-white media, government, and educational organizations.  According to NBC News, the protests were “hyped by organizers as events that would make the […]Read More

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