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Hailey Bieber Receiving Hate For Her Allegedly Old Racist &

Hailey Bieber is in hot water for her past social media use on Twitter, with Radar Online bringing up some old allegedly her posts that have racist and homophobic connotations. Several tweets from years ago are coming back into the light. Hailey, 25, deleted her account on the platform a few years ago, saying she […]Read More

Twitter Reacts To Bella Hadid Saying That Having A Stylist

Twitter users are dragging Bella Hadid for being so un-relatable in an interview she did with the Wall Street Journal about her anxiety. Bella opened up about her mental health struggles and said that the intense focus on her style stressed her out. She said having to wear what someone else picked out and then […]Read More

Lizzo Has Twitter Panties In A Bunch After Fanning Over

Lizzo is the talk of social media after what seems like an eventful night after she attended the millennium tour and got to meet Chris Brown. An innocent fan girl moment over the R&B singer has sparked backlash and a debate we may have all heard before.  The Millennium Tour kicked off and back stage […]Read More

Kendall Jenner Accused Of Appropriation In Ad For Her Tequila

Kendall Jenner recently launched her own alcohol brand, called 818 Tequila, but people are not happy with the way she is marketing it. The supermodel’s new advertisement for the drink features her riding horseback alongside farmers where the product is made in Jalisco, Mexico. In the video, she’s wearing Mexican-style clothing, and people are calling […]Read More

‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Charmaine Addresses The Backlash Over

‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ star Charmaine has been receiving backlash over a Tik Tok challenge video which included her daughter Nola. This challenge involves parents lightly splashing water on the child’s face directly from the bottle and seeing their reactions. According to Urban Belle, many people criticized Charmaine and accused her of purposely drowning her […]Read More

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