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Woman Attacked While On A Walk In Knoxville Smears Dog

A woman who was attacked by a homeless man while on a walk was able to defend herself by smearing a bag of dog poop in the assailant’s face. Police say that a 30-year-old woman was walking her dog on a trail in Knoxville on the afternoon of August 22, when a homeless man approached […]Read More

Rapper SpotemGottem Arrested By U.S Marshals On Felony Gun Charges

The rapper behind the song that started the beatbox challenge has found himself behind bars. SpotemGottem was arrested in connection with an incident that happened in June. SpotemGottem whose real name is Nehemiah Lamar Harden,  was arrested by U.S. Marshals from an Aventura hotel room on Thursday, July 15. According to an arrest affidavit obtained by […]Read More

Police Officer KO’ed For Saying He Didn’t Know They Let

A police officer in Tennesse was knocked out after making racist remarks at a wedding. He was saying he “didn’t know they let black people in the reception hall” when another man swung on him.  WVLT reports that Tanner Holt, who works for the Knoxville Police Department, was off duty at the time. He got […]Read More

Man Gets 7 Years In Prison For Punching 12-Year-Old In

A man who was caught on camera sucker-punching a 12-year-old boy was sentenced to seven years in prison for the unprovoked attack, which happened in July 2020. The incident occurred in B, where a young boy was dancing to music on a street corner. In the video, an SUV pulls up and a man identified […]Read More