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Oregon Woman Arrested For Pushing 3-Year-Old Onto Train Tracks

On Wednesday, December 28th, a woman and her 3-year-old daughter were waiting for their train to arrive in the northeast part of Portland, Oregon. Suddenly, without provocation, a women seated behind them quickly stood up to push the toddler off of the platform and face first onto the tracks, as reported by the Multnomah County […]Read More

Store Clerk Fired After Video Of Her Throwing Bucket Of

Over the holiday weekend, a woman was fired from her job as a convenience store clerk Baton Rouge, Louisiana after dumping a bucket of water on a homeless woman in below freezing temperatures, New York Post reports. In a viral video, Triple S Food Mart employee Kasey Young is seen carrying a large pail of […]Read More

Pennsylvania Man Sets Ex’s House On Fire One Day After

On December 3rd, Amira Rogers ended her relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Aaron Clark. His begging for her to reconsider quickly became violent, and he attempted to choke her to death. After escaping him, Rogers immediately filed a complaint where the two were both employed, so they would no longer have to work with one […]Read More

The University Of Kentucky Bans White Student After Attacking And

Last week, a video of 22-year-old Sophia Rosing went viral. The white University of Kentucky student attacked another student, while using racial slurs. In the video, Rosing is seen repeatedly calling Kylah Spring the n-word while hitting, kicking, and biting her after Spring and other students were attempting to help her. She later tells police […]Read More

Antonio Brown Ordered To Pay $1.2 Million To Moving Truck

It looks like former NFL player, Antonio Brown, will have to cough up $1.2 million to Anton Tumanov, a moving truck driver he allegedly assaulted in 2020, TMZ Sports reports.  Tumanov filed a lawsuit against Brown last year for the alleged attack that took place in 2020. Brown allegedly assaulted Tumanov during a dispute they […]Read More

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