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Three 11-Year-Olds Arrested For Plotting To Set Fire To A

Parents have to continue to keep an eye on their children and their mental health. Three 11-year-olds out of Florida were arrested for plotting to burn down their middle school.  Fort Myers Six Mile Charter Academy students, Omnia Mahgoub, Tristan Carrasquillo and Isabella Brainard were arrested Monday for planning to set the school on fire. Omnia […]Read More

Colorado Father Sentenced TO 48 Years In Prison For Death

After a decade, one Colorado father is finally convicted in the case of child abuse, disappearance and death of his 13-year-old son. Mark Redwine, 60, father of Dylan Redwine was sentenced Friday by La Plata County District Court Chief Judge Jeffrey Wilson, The Durango Herald reported. In 2017, Redwine had been indicted for the disappearance […]Read More

Man Who Did 12 Years In Prison For Girlfriend’s Murder

A man who did 12 years in prison for murdering his girlfriend has been arrested again for killing a woman who just dumped him, WSOC reports.  Charles Combs was charged with the murder of his ex, LaPorscha Chantel Baldwin, who had dumped him three weeks earlier. Her body was found last week in South Carolina […]Read More

5-Year-Old Missing 6 Months, Mom & Step Father Who Never

The parents of a five-year-old New Hampshire boy who has not been seen for six months were arrested yesterday, after failing to report him missing. Cops took them in on witness tampering and child endangerment charges, the Daily Mail reports. On Thursday, The New Hampshire Division for Children, Youth and Families reported Elijah Lewis missing. […]Read More

Homeless Man Tries To Kidnap 3-Year-Old In Broad Daylight In

A scary encounter in the Bronx was caught on video when a homeless man grabbed a young toddler out of her grandmother’s arms and tried to take off with the child, according to WABC. This happened yesterday near East Tremont and Baisley avenues in Schuylerville in the middle of the day. Witnesses were able to intervene […]Read More

Man Facing 20 Years For Defrauding Airlines Of $300k In

A Louisiana man who made over $300,000 scamming airlines by lying about lost luggage is facing 20 years in prison, according to The Daily Mail.  Pernell Anthony Jones Jr., 31, would book flights with fake IDs and gift cards so it couldn’t be traced to him, according to court documents. After the flight, he would […]Read More

Minister Arrested For Touching Young Boys Who Were Waiting At

A minister in Oklahoma was tackled by a witness who saw him touching young boys at the bus stop, USA Today reports. Michael Eric Coghill, 33, was arrested after a bystander filmed him touching a 9-year-old child inappropriately last week, and then tackled him to hold him for police.  The bystander told Oklahoma City Police […]Read More

Ohio Man Holding Baby Fires Shots At Woman Following Road

Driving conditions depending on the city can definitely have some people on edge and cause a little road rage. This man’s road rage was taken to the extreme when he let off rounds at a woman while holding an infant.  In Cincinnati, Ohio, 31-year old Ladon Penn was arrested for shooting at a woman after […]Read More