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Woman Hits & Spits On 80-Year-Old Man Over Mask Dispute

A woman was arrested after assaulting an elderly man on a flight because he had his mask off while eating… even though she also had her mask down. The altercation was caught on video by ATL Uncensored, and the woman reportedly injured a flight attendant and several passengers in the melee. The FBI took Patricia […]Read More

Grandma & Mom Arrested For Louis Vuitton Smash & Grab,

A mom and grandma were arrested for their involvement in smash-and-grab robberies at high-end stores in San Francisco, where over $1 million in merchandise was stolen. The elder woman posted pictures wearing Louis Vuitton stuff from the thefts, Daily Mail reports.  Cops charged Francill White, 53, and her daughter Kimberly Cherry, 28, with looting during […]Read More

Parents Murder Social Worker Who Took Away Kids & Canceled

A Wisconsin social worker was murdered by the parents of some children she removed from a home, and the crime was not solved until many years later. As seen on last night’s episode of Oxygen’s Snapped, Connie Reyes was a  Filipino immigrant who moved to the Midwest and became a social worker in the 1960s. One […]Read More

Woman Is Raped On Philadelphia Train, Police Say Witnesses Did

A woman was raped on the train in Philadelphia while other passengers watched and did nothing, in an attack that the police called “disturbing”, NBC 10 reports. The suspect was arrested at the scene after employees finally intervened.  Fiston Ngoy was arrested after he attacked the woman on a Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) train […]Read More

Deaf Man Who Was Tased & Thrown In Jail For

A deaf man is suing the two cops who charged him with resisting arrest and tased him, saying he didn’t understand what was going on and could not follow commands he couldn’t hear, Huff Post reports.  Brady Mistic ran a stop sign when he was driving in Colorado in September 2019. Soon after, he was […]Read More

High School Coach Arrested For Putting A Hidden Camera Inside

A high school football coach in Southern California was arrested this week for putting a hidden camera in the girl’s bathroom and taking pictures of over 40 underage girls. David Riden, 52, was arrested on a charge of suspicion of invasion of privacy. KTLA reports he is facing child pornography charges after authorities searched his […]Read More

Wyoming Police Draw Guns At Black Realtor And His Clients

A case of a mistaken 911 call for a burglary that a neighbor thought was taking place but it was just a black realtor showcasing a home to his clients. Police were dispatched and the encounter was nothing but scary.  Realtor Eric Brown was showing a Michigan home to Roy Brow and his 15-year-old son, […]Read More