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18-Year-Old Electrocuted After Asking To Be Excused From The Dinner

According to The Sun, an Argentina teen was fatally electrocuted shortly after asking to be excused from the dinner table. Reports say the incident occurred on February 26 close to 8 p.m.  TN reported that 18-year-old Angus Andrada asked to leave the dinner table to charge his phone because the battery was insufficient. His parents then […]Read More

Woman Kills Boyfriend By Throwing Her Phone At His Head

In a strange turn of events, a woman is facing a murder charge after allegedly killing her boyfriend after she threw a cellular device at his head during and argument. Roxana Adelina Lopez, 22, has been made the prime suspect in an ongoing investigation by a criminal court in Cafayate near Salta in north-west Argentina. […]Read More

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