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Father In Canada Loses Custody Of His Three Children Because

It looks like Canada is taking COVID very seriously, with the courts there revoking custody from a father who refuses to get vaccinated, according to CBC.   This happened in New Brunswick, Canada. The unidentified man can no longer see his three kids, one of whom is immunocompromised, except for over Zoom. If he gets […]Read More

Anti-Vaxxer Claims Drinking Your Urine Counteracts COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects

In today’s climate, there have been many claims, opinions, and thoughts about the effects of the COVID-19 vaccine. Well, anti-vaxxer Christopher Key, who has dubbed himself the “vaccine police” has some intriguing claims about suppressing the side effects from the vaccine. Key, who has previously alleged that the vaccine alters your DNA, says that drinking […]Read More

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