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Andrew Tate To Remain Detained In Romania After Court Rejects

On December 29th, social media personality and misogynist Andrew Tate was arrested for organized crime, human trafficking, and aggravated sexual assault. The 36-year-old is notorious for his controversial commentary, including telling his viewers that “women belong in the home, can’t drive, and are a man’s property” and that victims of rape should “bear responsibility” for […]Read More

Jerry’s Pizza Receives Dozens Of “Punny” Reviews Following The Arrest

Former professional boxer and American-British social media personality Andrew Tate is notorious for his misogynistic commentary. The controversial TikTok star, who’s known for comparing women to property and claiming that women are equally responsible for being sexually assaulted, was recently unbanned from Twitter, as reported by New York Post. The almost 40-year-old man celebrated his […]Read More

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