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42 Dugg Arrested for Fleeing the Cops, Ordered to Wear

42 Dugg‘s questionable “s***ing d***” lyrics, and ex-girlfriend calling him a “fat booty n***a” are now the least of the Detroit rapper’s problems as he’s just been arrested for allegedly attempting to flee the police. Dugg, 25, best known for his musical collabs with Lil Baby, was busted by Michigan authorities Monday—nearly 2 months after […]Read More

Rapper 42 Dugg Claps Back At Gay Suspicions After Sexual

Y’all remember that video of 42 Dugg rapping one the songs that had some people side-eyeing him for the lyrics? Well, he finally is speaking out. According to some who misheard his lyrics and thought he said “I was out here sucking d**k, I was tryna pay the rent.” Which had fans thinking he may […]Read More

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