T.I. Says OnlyFans Is The Biggest Threat To Strip Clubs 

 T.I. Says OnlyFans Is The Biggest Threat To Strip Clubs 


With everything going on in the world due to Coronavirus, rapper Too Short is worried about strip clubs and their culture.

During his talk with T.I. on Instagram Live, the rappers discussed the importance of strip clubs to the rap community.

Too Short talked about how the strip clubs are near and dear to him and how it’s essential to hip hop for inspiration. T.I. told Short,

“It’s been plenty of times when we were in the studio together or recording and got d**n and we say, ‘Aye man, I need some inspiration.’ You go to Magic City or Blue Flame.”


Too Short chimed in,

“Then you go back to the studio and make a hot a** record.”

Too Short

T.I. then asked Short, “Do you know the biggest threat to strip clubs culture right now is OnlyFans.” Too Short replied, “It’s the technology of the world we gone adapt. If you a strip club owner, you better be an OnlyFans page owner.”


T.I. says Magic City needs an OnlyFans account in order to adjust to the times. Do yall agree, should all strip clubs consider going digital?

Check out the rappers on T.I.’s podcast below.

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