Strippers Are Delivering Meals In Portland Through “Boober Eats”

 Strippers Are Delivering Meals In Portland Through “Boober Eats”

Christine Dong/Willamette Week

Strip clubs, even though essential to some, are not open for business in Portland, Oregon because of Coronavirus. Therefore, the owner of Lucky Devil Lounge came up with an interesting way to keep his staff employed. It is called Boober Eats.

Think Uber Eats, but the strippers are the delivery girls. For a $30 delivery fee and the price of the food you ordered, one of their girls will show up at your door to hand you your food.

However, they are just doing drop off because the security guards from the club are not only the drivers, they are also their protection. The no touching rule still applies.

They are not the only employees that owner Shon Boulden is keeping employed. He told The Oregonian that the bartenders are working the phones and taking the orders while the cooks prepare them.

Don’t expect this business to go on when our lives get back to normal. The girls are only making minimum wage now, and they are used to making hundreds a night when they are stripping. A girl gotta do, what a girl gotta do.


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