Strip Clubs Devise Plan To Re-Open, No Lap Dances Allowed

 Strip Clubs Devise Plan To Re-Open, No Lap Dances Allowed


Strip clubs, what some consider to be an essential business, are planning to re-open during the coronavirus crisis.

Now, that non-essential businesses are slowly opening up in some states, strip club owners are working on a plan on how to open up safely for their strippers and their clientele. Sources are revealing those deets to TMZ faster than the exotic dancers reveal their nude bodies.

Actually, the dancers will be wearing a lot more fabric when they are open for business again. Instead of seductively taking off their gloves, they will be keeping them on. Not only that, but they will also be required to wear protective face masks. They won’t be alone because the patrons will be required to do the same.

There is one more rule that no one is going to like, and that is lap dances are now a Corona-no-no. How are strippers supposed to make a living without that?

This is all very preliminary, and can change depending on what the CDC and government tells each establishment to do. Hopefully, these rules won’t stick like those dollar bills stick to the strippers’ bodies.

Are these rules a turn-off or in a strange way, do they turn you on?


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