Sean Kiez Pays Homage to Hip Hop Legends in New Single & Animated Music Video “BOTTOM BIHH”

 Sean Kiez Pays Homage to Hip Hop Legends in New Single & Animated Music Video “BOTTOM BIHH”

September 15, 2020 (Houston, TX)—Today Houston recording artist Sean Kiez drops his new and highly-anticipated single, “BOTTOM BIHH.” The animated music video, illustrated by Compton native Marcus D. Newsom, unveils the importance of having a “ride-or-die.” This catchy-soulful track underscores the powerful message of the single honoring the power of your soulmate to stand firm against all that life throws at you.  

“The video for Bottom Bihh symbolizes life as a maze. We all go through so many different hurdles and we never know what life will give you,” Kiez comments about his inspiration for the visual. “I wanted to show the unity and bond in a relationship. By working together there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.” With the help of comic book artist Newsom took his retro futuristic animation style to capture the “Bottom Bihh” visual and draw out a unique storyline reflecting the turns life takes.

Acknowledging the good and the bad — whether that’s coming up on a real opportunity or falling victim to debt, a run in with law enforcement, addiction, etc. — Kiez’s single shows the importance of having a partner that can get through it with you to the end. The  cartoon Kiez becomes his own superhero in the video but, also includes animated cameos of his inspirations including the legend Master PGeorge WashingtonAmber Rose, Kanye West, 50 Cent, Snoop and others to pay homage to the paths they paved for artists like himself. 

The “BOTTOM BIHH” single will be out on September 15, 2020 on Apple Music and Spotify. The music video is now available to watching through a private link on YouTube. You can follow Sean Kiez on Facebook and Instagram.  For press inquiries or interviews contact Formula Entertainment Group at

About Sean Kiez

Sean Kiez is an artist and songwriter by way of Houston, who delivers a soulful sound and truthful lyrics pairing a west coast lyricism with the bounce of the south. Sean once stated, “The taboos of life are some of the most invigorating conversations that we can all attest to.” Join his musical rebirth with releases running through 2020. 


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