Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Lingerie Website Accused of Deceptive Marketing

Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty line has allegedly “engaged in deceptive marketing and illegal business practices” on their website, tricking women into paying $49.95 per month memberships without their knowledge, according to consumer watchdog group TruthinAdvertising.org.

In complaints to the Federal Trade Commission and Santa Cruz, California, District Attorney’s office, the group claims Riri’s company entices shoppers with extremely discounted items but makes the low prices only available to subscribers. The real price is only made clear “in a barely-legible, tiny, white font,” and disappears from online ads after only a few seconds.

Customers who choose the “VIP” price option are discreetly hit with the Savage x Fenty monthly membership without displaying how much it will cost, the group says.

“Because no information about the ‘Savage x Monthly’ membership is provided on the screen, consumers may be misled into believing that the membership is free with no strings attached,” according to its FTC complaint.

And there must be something to the accusations because customers have already been complaining about Savage x Fenty’s membership fees for over a year.

Have you experienced this during your Savage x Fenty purchases?

Carmen Roxanna

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