Porsha Williams’ Fans Attack Her Man On Instagram

 Porsha Williams’ Fans Attack Her Man On Instagram

Porsha Williams/Instagram

The other day, Porsha Williams saw a meme that she thought was funny, so she posted it on Instagram.

Ni##as say anything to get they girl back ?????
“I’m gon go get help, I talked to the lady ”
??? Ni##as what lady ??

Porsha Williams‘ Instagram

Porsha Williams was not the only one, who got a laugh out of it, so did her fiancé. Dennis McKinley responded with, “I feel attacked ?”


This season on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the couple has been fighting over his past cheating and their relationship problems. So, when fans saw what the lovers posted, they had a few things to say about it.

“As you should. ??‍♀️”

lex_calibur_ on Instagram

“Hahahaha yeah and you took that ni*** back!”

the_black_hearts_club on Instagram

” You should know after all.”

elle_1004 on Instagram

It wasn’t all bad, someone actually defended her baby’s daddy.

“LOOOOOOOl why you gotta do Dennis like that ????”

hafsa_saida on Instagram


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