Pennsylvania Man Fatally Shoots Wife On Christmas Then Calls Father to Say It Was A Suicide

 Pennsylvania Man Fatally Shoots Wife On Christmas Then Calls Father to Say It Was A Suicide

On Christmas Day, an Enola, Pennsylvania man was arrested after a heated argument with his spouse turned violent, and ended with him fatally shooting her.

According to People, Christopher Colbert and wife Tamara Colbert were in the middle of a heated exchange when he attempted to attack her with a knife. When she ran upstairs to escape him, he proceeded to follow her, strangle her, and shoot her in the head. After taking his wife’s life, Christopher called his father, claiming that Tamara had committed suicide.

When Enola officers arrived to the house, Colbert was found inside a car within the garage, smelling strongly of alcohol. Next to him was a pistol and a suicide note. He had initially planned to take his life as well, but didn’t go through with the attempt.

“There is no one I love more than Tamara,” the letter read. “She was my world and I ruined it. I’m so impossibly sorry, understand that I didn’t kill her. She and I had a fight. We were not doing well. We both had tendencies to be angry when things went poorly. Writing any of this is silly, since we’re dead, and I’m going to be seen as the cause.”

Despite his efforts to convince authorities that his late wife had died by her own hands, crime scene investigators were able to disprove his claims. The 38-year-old was then arrested and charged with criminal homicide, aggravated assault, strangulation, and tampering with evidence. Colbert has been denied bail, and will remain incarcerated at the Cumberland County Prison. He’s scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary hearing January 12th, 2023.

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