Florida Woman Accused Of Defrauding 87-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Of Almost $3 Million

Arkansas Pastor And Founder Of Halfway House Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Resident

UK Man Sentenced To 11.5 Years In Prison For Hate Speech Videos Linked To Mass Shooters

Woman Asleep In Car Wakes Up To Find Stranger Driving Her Away From Rest Stop

Man Called Mom To Confess To Random Killings At Convenience Store Before Fatally Shooting Himself

29-Year-Old Woman Arrested After Enrolling In High School And Posing As Student

Airport Employee Dies After Being Sucked Into Jet Engine, Reports Say Employee Was Warned To Stand Clear Before Fatal Incident Occurred

Woman Says Her Mother Refuses To Babysit Her Grandchild Unless She Is Paid $20 An Hour Plus Late Fees

Woman Sued Company That Makes Fireball Cinnamon For False Advertisement, Claims Mini-Bottles Don’t Contain Whiskey

Woman Discovered That A Guy She Was Dating Was Dating Another Woman After Coming Across A TikTok Video Of Her Getting Ready For Dinner At His House

High School Cafeteria Worker Arrested For allegedly Selling ‘Edible Marijuana’ To Students

Man Fatally Struck By Train After Publicly Urinating Onto Manhattan Subway Tracks

LSU Student Madison Brooks Fatally Struck By Car After Alleged Rape, Four Suspects Charged

‘GMA’ Star Amy Robach ‘Blindsided’ By Lover TJ Holmes’ Past Affairs After Alleged Months-Long Affair With 24-Year-Old

Man Fatally Shot By Dog In ‘Freak Hunting Accident’, Sheriff’s Office Announced

22-Year-Old Texas Man Arrested For The Fatal Shooting Of 16-Year-Old Girlfriend

TSA Investigates After Hacker Found FBI No-Fly List On Unsecured Server

High Speed Chase Ends In The Discovery Of Woman’s Body In Plastic Tote

Sha’Carri Richardson Kicked Off American Airlines Flight After Argument With Flight Attendant

5 Memphis Police Officers Fired In The Death Of Tyre Nichols, Department Announced


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January 29, 2023

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