ONSITE! GIRL CHAT: What Is The Best Way To Discipline Your Children?

 ONSITE! GIRL CHAT: What Is The Best Way To Discipline Your Children?

Parenthood isn’t easy, especially when you’re learning of your children’s personalities as they grow. While sometimes children’s behavior is too adorable, we can all agree that there has to be boundaries set to teach them right from wrong. The ladies of OnSite! sat down to discuss whether or not it’s okay to spank your children, and the best ways to discipline your children. 

Rah Ali poses the question, “Do you feel that it is okay to spank, [or] pop your children to teach them right from wrong? Or are you teaching them to be violent, and that hitting is the answer when you don’t like something?”

Feeva says that it’s okay to spank your children only after you’ve communicated their behaviors are wrong. “Most of the time, kids are growing up [and] they’re learning. They don’t know right from wrong, you have to teach them. You have to verbalize certain things first, and if they continue to disobey and do certain things, then it’s okay to spank them.” She further explains that it’s all about knowing your child and the most effective ways to communicate with them.

Milagro Gramz says that spankings should only be given to children in situations that can potentially compromise their well-being, referring to an example of a child attempting to stick a fork in an electrical socket. She also believes that spankings don’t teach conflict resolution. “I think that we need to start younger having conversations. […] I don’t find [spankings] to be effective in the long haul.”

As a learning mother, Rah Ali says one of the most effective alternatives for hitting a child is taking away the things they enjoy. Nadia Lanaye agreed to that point, adding that communication is the best way to discipline your child because children get used to the repercussions. “After [my mom] started taking things away, grounding me, and taking away my phone, then I learned those are the things I hate.”

#Clique, what do you think is the best way to discipline your children? Do you think spankings are effective?


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