ONSITE! Exclusive: Melody Holt Discuss Entrepreneurship, New Music, Mom Life and Upcoming Projects

 ONSITE! Exclusive: Melody Holt Discuss Entrepreneurship, New Music, Mom Life and Upcoming Projects

Melody S. Holt, educator turned entrepreneur and reality star on the hit show Love & Marriage Huntsville sat down with Onsite to talk about her many endeavors.

Melody has her hands in many pots, and when asked how she juggles her busy schedule all while being a mother to 4 little ones, she mentioned the importance of managing your time.

“I’m big on prioritizing, whatever it is that needs to be handled at that moment that’s what goes to the forefront. I’m also big on utilizing every minute, every second of the day… I really make sure that at the end of the day when I decide that it is the end of my day I make sure that I feel like ‘girl you did that.'”

Melody is also a recording artist and gave us the latest scoop on her new music,

“the next thing you guys will see from me is my video for my latest single ‘Down’, I’m looking forward to getting the visual for that. I have this whole concept that my team was able to put together and then I’m going to be dropping my EP.”

The reality star will also be sharing the stage with R&B singer Monica in St. Louis. She expressed her excitement for the opportunity and talked about being a fan of Monica’s since she was a little girl.

“I’m looking forward to being on the stage opening for Monica… I’ve loved Monica since I was a little girl, I was singing Monica songs. So just having that opportunity I am grateful and thankful for that and looking forward to getting up there doing my thing and enjoying the support.”

Melody also shared her advice to the working mom looking to step out on faith and become an entrepreneur

“To the working mom who’s thinking about going into entrepreneurship, one thing I use to say, ‘don’t mix faith with foolishness.’ Make sure if you’re taking that leap of faith that you’ve done the necessary work to be successful… it’s a good decision as long as you’ve done the necessary prep work.”

#Clique, be sure to look out for Melody’s new projects and don’t forget to tune in to season 5 of Love & Marriage Huntsville.

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