Nursing Home Caretakers Charged With Beating 87-Year-Old Man

 Nursing Home Caretakers Charged With Beating 87-Year-Old Man

Photo Credit: Galveston County Jail

Two caretakers from a Texas nursing home have been arrested for the brutal beating of an 87-year-old man, Fox News reports. 

Lisa Cooper, 61, and Keycia Johnson, 57 were caretakers at the Solidago Health and Rehabilitation nursing home. The two women were caught on a Ring surveillance system that was placed in the elderly man’s room by his family after he complained of previous incidents. In the video footage obtained by Fox News, the women are seen kicking, pushing, and throwing the 87-year-old man, who is also an amputee and suffers from arthritis. 

The family said they received a call from the nursing home that their relative fell out of bed and will be transported to a local hospital. However, the family quickly realized that the description of what took place wasn’t consistent with the man’s injuries. Lizandro Solis said his grandfather had bruises on his body, two black eyes, and now has to wear a neck brace.  

“I don’t even know how to explain it,”

Solis said.

“We’re in shock. Like [dang], that really happened to my grandpa.”

The caretakers turned themselves in to Texas City police Thursday. They face charges of injuring an elderly person, a second-degree felony. The nursing home also came out and said that they have terminated the two women. 

“We appreciate local authorities’ review and action surrounding the troubling incident that occurred on Sunday, October 2. Solidago Health and Rehabilitation continues to enforce strict policies prohibiting patient abuse and prompt action is always taken to ensure our residents are safe. Any violations of the abuse policy are reported to authorities for appropriate action such as in this case,”

they told the outlet.

“In parallel to the external investigation, we launched an internal investigation, and the employees were immediately suspended. At the conclusion of the internal investigation, the employees involved in the incident were terminated as a result of violating the company’s policies,”

they added. 

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