‘Notorious Queens’ Star Mehgan James On Dating, “Cheating Respectfully,” Self Love, and More

 ‘Notorious Queens’ Star Mehgan James On Dating, “Cheating Respectfully,” Self Love, and More

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As we all can imagine, dating as a reality star isn’t the easiest — especially if you’re well-known like Notorious Queens star Mehgan James. However, Mehgan isn’t too pressed to get back into the dating world. In an exclusive interview with OnSite! TV, Mehgan revealed that she isn’t dating anyone at the moment.

“I ain’t got no n****. I ain’t go no h**s,” Mehgan said. “I don’t like b*****s, I don’t like n****s. I don’t like nobody.”

She further explained that she isn’t dating because she is focused on herself and making money moves with her successful clothing line, 800 West. 

She continued, “I’m in a phase of my life where it’s just all about me, and I need to make as much money as I can make. I need to be as fine as I could be, period. It’s all about Mehgan right now.”

Although Mehgan is focusing on her goals, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what her perfect man looks like. For the former Bad Girls Club star, manifesting the “right” man is important for finding the perfect guy. Additionally, she details a situation where she thought she manifested the right man from her extensive list on Notorious Queens. Unfortunately, he wasn’t for her. Turns out, we may know who the lucky man was.

“I actually manifested that man. He was not what I thought,” she added. “When you make your manifestation list, you have to be very, very specific and don’t skip out on nothing.”

If you’re wondering what the perfect man looks like for Mehgan, he has to have a few qualities, such as being successful, funny, and loyal. As far as loyalty goes, Mehgan is quite “realistic” about men being privy to cheating, and would hope for her man to “cheat respectfully,” as she explained previously on Notorious Queens. 

After a controversial clip of Mehgan explaining what it means to “cheat respectfully” surfaced on the internet, she makes it clear that she doesn’t ideally want her man to cheat, but she does expect it from a man. 

“I feel like all men cheat. Cheating respectfully is not giving your man a hall pass like ‘Hey baby, you can go cheat on me. Just do it respectfully,’” Mehgan explained. “For me, I believe if your man cheats on you and you never find out, he really cares. … If you do cheat, don’t bring home no baby, don’t have no kids, don’t have your b*****s calling my phone. Just keep it respectful. I’m being realistic.”

Mehgan may not be interested in dating and says it would “take Jesus himself” to determine who her perfect man is, but she says she has her eyes on one man in Hollywood: Kori Siriboe. If you’re not him, you may be out of luck trying to shoot your shot. 

Clique, press play below to watch a clip of the interview. What are your thoughts?


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