Nina Parker Announces Plus-Sized Clothing Collaboration With Macy’s

 Nina Parker Announces Plus-Sized Clothing Collaboration With Macy’s

Great things are ahead for Nina Parker! The E! News host announced that she has an upcoming plus-sized clothing line in collaboration with Macy’s. Parker sat down with Rah Ali to discuss further details of what we can expect of the collaboration.

When designing her collection, “The Nina Parker Collection,” Parker drew inspiration from her personal experiences of styling herself and the lack of availability of fashion-forward clothes for plus-sized women.

“For me, trying to dress myself every day became really difficult, because I have boobs,” she said. “I started to get a lot of frustration with jeans, the availability of dresses, and just like, tops that I could wear multiple ways. I was just feeling like there was a lack of options.”

Parker wants to use her collection to redefine the plus-sized term, given that not everybody’s body type is the same. She added,

“I think sometimes when you say ‘plus,’ they think it’s one shape. It’s like, you can be an hourglass and still be plus because the way that these clothes fit just aren’t meant to fit women with curves.”

The “Nightly Pop” host channeled her frustrations with the plus-sized fashion industry into her own reinvention through her collaboration.

“I think when you’re younger, you’re used to getting on a soapbox and screaming into an empty room about how mad you are,” Parker said. “And I think as you get older, you start to realize, ‘Okay, yeah I scream, and the situation is the same. So now, what can I do about it?’”

“The Nina Parker Collection” will cater to sizes 12-24, and it will go from sizes 0 to 3X. Buyers can expect new looks for every season for the duration of the year. “The Nina Parker Collection” will be available in-store and online at Macy’s on May 14.

#Clique, shop the Nina Parker Collection here. Check out a clip from the interview below.


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