15-Year-Old Girl Fatally Shot By 9-Year-Old Boy Who Played With Loaded Gun, According To Reports 

A girl, 15, was mistakenly shot by a 9-year-old boy. Sadly, the unidentified girl was declared dead, reports the New York Post. On Saturday night, the girl was playing in the front of the house on the porch in Baltimore when she was struck in the head by the boy who played with the firearm. […]

Adoptive Parents Charged After Using Their Adopted Children To Create Porn, Reports Say 

Man Scammed 11-Year-Old Boy After Purchasing Juice From His Lemonade Stand With A Fake $100 Bill, Asked For Change Back

Officials Searching For 5-Month-Old Baby Who Was Taken By From Foster Care By Her Biological Mother 

NYC Bodega Clerk Who Fatally Stabbed Customer In Self Defense Returned To Dominican Republic, Says He’s ‘Afraid For His Life’

Couple Arrested After Giving Their Baby A Shot Of Vodka, According To Reports

Correction Officer Accused Of Having An Affair With Inmate, Reports Say She Had Sex With The The Inmate In The Utility Closet and Rec Yard

Former Catholic School Principal Charged With Embezzling $175K Meant For Student Services And Activities

18-Year-Old Security Gaurd Arrested After Reportedly Making Fake Mass Shooting Threat To Leave Work Early 

An Instructor At Central Pennsylvania Pride Festival Is Receiving Backlash After Teaching Kids How To Pole Dance

Man Charged After Posing As Fake Doctor and Performing Invasive Cosmetic Surgery Procedures On Women, Allegedly Utilized Counterfeit Botox On Clients 

Woman and Ex-Boyfriend Charged After Filming Sexual Acts With Their Dog, Officials Say

Alaskan Woman Shows Officers A ‘White Privilege Card’ Instead Of Her Drivers License And Is Let Off With A Warning

Woman Sets Her Boyfriend On Fire At Gas Station Amid Verbal Dispute, Melted The Skin Off Of His Body 

Florida Man Hospitalized After An Alligator Bites His Face

Four Men Robbed Store Of More Than $2 Million Worth Of Jewelry Within 30 Seconds

Entire Police Department Disbanded After Slavery “Joke” Text Message Is Made Public

Black Stabbing Victim Dies After 2 White Police Officers Stood By And Watched For 8 Minutes As He Pleaded With Them To Help

Man Outraged After Discovering 1830s Slave Cabin Listed On Airbnb As Luxury Visit, Says Slavery Is ‘Being Mocked By Being Turned Into A Luxurious Vacation Spot’ 

Gang Of Monkeys Terrorizes Japanese City Attacking Dozens Of People By Entering Their Homes, One Monkey Caught and Killed

Officer Fatally Shoot Man After He Stabbed A Police Dog Numerous Times, Reports Say 

Weapons Instructor Fatally Shoots Fellow Police Officer During Training Session

Akron Teen Drowns After Coach Takes Team On Field Trip Without Parents’ Permission

John Legend Says Kanye Supporting Trump Ended Their Friendship

McDonald’s Employee Shot By Customer’s Son Over Argument About Cold Fries

Las Vegas Man Posed As Health Inspector In Order To Steal From Safes Of Fast Food Restaurants

Daughter Of Undersheriff Arrested For The Death And Neglect Of 19 Day Old Infant

Georgia Says Residents Can Now Claim Embryos As Dependents On Their Tax Returns, According To Reports

Kansas To Be The First State To Allow Residents To Vote On Abortion Rights Following The U.S. Supreme Court’s Ruling To Overturn Roe V. Wade

New York City Mayor Eric Adams Denied Brooklyn Bishop Lamor Miller-Whitehead’s Calls For Special Gun Permits For Clergy

Sheriff’s Deputy Instantly Dies After Large Tree Falls On His Patrol Car 

26-Year-Old Man Killed By Same Bullet He Fired At A Woman, According To Reports 

Former NFL Player Facing 15 Years To Life In Prison After Being Indicted For The Murder Of His Girlfriend  

Spectrum Ordered To Pay $7 Million In Damages To Family Of Elderly Woman Who Was Murdered In Her Home By Employee  

Three Women From Iran Put To Death For Killing Their Husbands, According To Reports  

Officer Suspended For Calling A Black Teen A Racial Slur After He Sticks Up His Middle Finger At Her, Says “F*****g N****s. I F*****g Hate Them’  

Seven-Year-Old Discovered Dead In Washing Machine Hours After His Parents Reported Him Missing   

Woman Facing Charges After Fatally Shooting Mother Of Three In Packed Uber 

Boy Arrested After 14-Year-Old Girl Was Discovered Dead By Her Mother  

Car Carrying Family Crashed Into Toll Booth and Landed In the Atlantic Ocean After Driver Lost Consciousness  

Man Called In Fake Bomb Threat To Avoid Work, Ordered To Pay Nearly $40,000 In Restitution

Fireman Arrested For Starting Multiple Fires, Blames It On ‘Adrenaline’, According To Reports

Woman Sentenced To Life In Prison For Her Role In Murder-For-Hire Shooting Death Of FSU Law Professor

Man Arrested After Leaving Puppy With Its Mouth Taped Inside His Car In 113 Degree Weather While He Gambled At A Las Vegas Casino

New York Governor Hochul Declares State Emergency Disaster Over The Rapid Spread Of Monkeypox

Woman Stabbed 30 Times By Husband After Telling Him She Wants A Divorce

Two Church Daycare Workers Charged With Child Cruelty After Abuse Of 3 Year Old Was Caught On Camera

Seven Victims And Five Shootings Occurred Overnight In New York City

Long Island Man To Sue NYPD Cop After Drunkenly Breaking Into Wrong House

Alaska Teen Fatally Shoots Three Siblings Before Shooting Himself

Las Vegas Man Tells Dispatcher “I’m Killing Three People” Amidst Knife Attack

Physician Faces Life In Prison After Being Found Guilty Of Sexually Assaulting Patients

Hockey Coach And Substitute Teacher Faces 20 Years For Distribution Of Child Pornography

Man Fell To His Death And 10-Year-Old Boy Slipped From His Safety Harness While Crossing China’s Popular Suspension Bridge Obstacle Course

Video Captures 2 Teenagers Getting Into A Bloody Fist Fight With 2 Cops At A New York City Subway Station

Man Fatally Shot Ex-Wife In Murder-Suicide After She Posted About Their Failed Marriage On TikTok

Waitress Shocked After Receiving Three Thousand Dollar Tip On A ThirteenDollar Bill 

Man Fatally Shot After Reportedly Masturbating To Sunbathing Woman At Nude Beach 

Six Milwaukee Women Of Color Died From Domestic Violence Within Two Weeks

Parents Arrested After 6 Year Old Shoots And Kills Younger Sister

Hawaii Man Loses His Hand After Being Attacked By Swordsman

Michigan Woman Killed By Husband After Judge Denied Protection Order

Man Struck And Killed By Passing Car After Being Kicked Out Of Lyft

Brooklyn Teenager Arrested For Murder After Stabbing His Older Sister In The Neck

Hyundai Under Fire For Allegedly Hiring Children As Young As 12 To Work At A Hyundai-Owned Factory In Alabama

Uber Eats Driver Thrown Off Bridge In Mexico During Road Rage Confrontation

12-Year-Old Escaped Her Own Death After Waking Up To Dad Cutting Her Throat

Man Infected With COVID-19 And Monkeypox At The Same Time, According To Reports

Woman Dies After Falling Out Of Police Car While In Custody, According To Reports

Cop On Horseback Chases Robbery Suspect In Times Square, According To Reports  

Turpin Siblings Files Lawsuit Against Foster Care Agency After Claiming Foster Family Made Them Eat Their Own Vomit and Advised Them To Commit Suicide  

Strip Club Worker Charged After Carrying Out Armed Robbery At His Job, Steals $22K In $1 Bills  

Professor Facing Backlash After Proposing A ‘Cure For Homosexuality,’ Says ‘Can We At Least Try To Find A Cure For Homosexuality, Especially Among Men’  

Sex Offender Pretending To Be Modeling Scout Used Over Two Dozen Instagram Accounts To Prey On Children As Young As Nine Years Old  

15-Foot-Long Snake Shot In The Head While Wrapped Around Owner’s Neck, Reports Say  

Man Who Requested Police Ride Along Was Arrested After Routine Background Check Showed Child Rape Allegations  

R. Kelly Blames His Deviant Behavior And Being Estranged From His Children On Ex-Wife Andrea

2 Babies Dead After A Tree Falls And Crashes Through Roof Of Alabama Home

Man Falls To His Death After A Sinkhole Opens Up Underneath Swimming Pool At Work Party

South Carolina Teen Arrested After Police Find The Body Of His 4 Year Old Half-Sister Behind Their Home

Gunman Fired 24 Times In 15 Seconds During Indiana Mall Shooting

Teenager Shot And Killed After Visiting Old Neighborhood To Say His Goodbyes

Argument Over Who Would Get To Sleep On The Couch Leads To Man Shot And Killed By Nephew

Pizza Delivery Guy Saves Five Children From Burning House, Reportedly Woke Four Children Up As They Slept Through The Fire  

Pizza Delivery Guy Saves Five Children From Buring House, Reportedly Woke Four Children Up As They Slept Through The Fire  

Father Reportedly Pleaded Guilty To Child Abuse After 4-Year-Old Son Fired A Gun Toward Cops In Mcdonald’s Parking Lot 

3-Year-Old Boy Dies After Falling Through A Window Screen From The 18th Floor 

61-Year-Old Church Leader Arrested Over Reported Relationship With 16-Year-Old 

Police Officer Fatally Shot During Routine Traffic Stop, Suspect Was Stopped Due To Expired Temporary Tag 

Netflix To Crack Down On ‘Password Sharing’ In Latin American Countries With New ‘Add A Home’ Feature

Mother Claims Her Husband Abandoned Her After She Gave Birth To Their Fifth Set Of Twins, Told Her She’s ‘Not Normal’

Man Falls 40ft To His Death At The Weeknd’s Concert In Philly, According To Reports

Man Accused Of Killing Wife During Their Honeymoon Trip To Fiji Resort, According To Reports

Woman Dressed Up As A Nurse In An Attempt To Kidnap A Baby From The Hospital, Police Say

Man Accused Of Murdering Girlfriend Just Days After He Was Released From Jail For Reportedly Strangling Her and Burning Her With Spatula 

$5K Reward Offered For Information Leading To The Arrest Of The Suspect Who Shot Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker After He Was Accidentally Released Following Initial Arrest  

Teen Arrested After Reportedly Smothering Three-Year-Old Sister With A Pillow To ‘Quiet Her Down’ 

Store Owner Banned From Selling Alcohol After Giving Underaged Driver Whiskey Before Fatal Crash That Killed Parents & Their 3-Year-Old Child

Florida Department of Children and Families Under Fire After Reporting Two Kids Were ‘Fine’ A Day After They Were Killed

Bride Fatally Shot At Wedding After Groom’s Alleged Cousin Fired Off Ceremonial Gunshots

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