MTA Pissed Over ‘Despicable’ TikTok Prank On A NYC Subway

 MTA Pissed Over ‘Despicable’ TikTok Prank On A NYC Subway


TikTok star @fckjoshy thought it would be funny to eat a huge tub of Fruity Pebbles with milk on a New York City subway—the city hit hardest by coronavirus—and then spill the whole thing on the floor of the car.

After picking up some of the soggy cereal, he got off of the train and left behind a huge stinking mess.

The prank not only angered the joker’s fellow passengers, it also seriously pissed off NYC’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

“A new low: Pulling a prank on essential workers in the middle of a global pandemic. And making essential workers clean up your mess. Despicable. “

MTA on Twitter

Echoing the sentiments of Transit officials, Twitter users took to the platform, shaming the TikToker for his disruptive antics in the midst of the pandemic.

No word yet if @fckjoshy, a college student, will be charged with any crimes.

Do you think his prank was funny or should the city take legal action against him?


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♬ original sound – fckjoshy


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