Masika Kalysha Claps Back At Internet Trolls Body-Shaming Her Stomach

 Masika Kalysha Claps Back At Internet Trolls Body-Shaming Her Stomach


Masika Kalysha was innocently showing off her beautiful natural tresses on Instagram when folks in the comments began picking fun at her stomach instead.

Not to be mistaken though, Masika was ready with clap backs for days…in her usual fashion.

“I’ve been trying new natural hair styles all quarantine. I’m currently combing out my 3 day old roller set. What heat free style should I try next?,” Masika asked her followers during her Live session.

However, instead of answering her question, commentators slammed Fetty Wap’s baby mother over her midsection.

“She cute, but throw the whole stomach away ?,” one user said. “Why your stomach look like that,” another user asked. “Put some clothes on you distracting everyone with your body ain’t nobody paying attention to your hair,” someone else inquired.

“What’s wrong with her stomach? And her belly button is really high,” another user pointed out.

Masika’s response…?

“This stomach housed a future queen for 9 months and snapped back in 3 days, no surgery, and went straight to work. I love this stomach,” she wrote.

The GUHH star continued,

“While ur here hating from a fake page, I’m 97% certain that you can’t see ur feet when you look down.”



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