Man Broke Into Former Girlfriend’s Home and Kidnapped Her Over Lottery Ticket  

 Man Broke Into Former Girlfriend’s Home and Kidnapped Her Over Lottery Ticket  


A man from Tennessee, Dontrell Hanes, broke into his former girlfriend’s home, kidnapped, and attacked her after being angry that he didn’t get a lottery ticket as well as alleging that she owes him money.

The man went to the woman’s home on Wednesday and kicked her door down after she chose not to let him inside her home. The woman informed officials that Hanes was angry

“due to him not receiving his lottery ticket and money he felt he was owed.”

It isn’t clear if she had a lottery ticket for him. The altercation came about as the Powerball lottery jackpot continued to rise; however, the numbers weren’t drawn until the morning of Tuesday because of a delay. 

The man attacked his ex-girlfriend by punching and choking her. She told police that at one point during the attack, she couldn’t breathe for five seconds. She also told investigators that he asked her for funds and dumped her belongings out of her bag. Hanes allegedly forced her into his vehicle, ordering her to transfer funds into his account. As they were in the vehicle, the suspect reportedly told her he was going to the Orange Mound area

“to shoot up someone’s house.”

The woman admitted to seeing him grasp a handgun underneath the driver’s seat. 

Hanes continued asking her for $10,000, which the woman didn’t have at that time. He then threatened that it wouldn’t

“end well”

if she tried to escape. Eventually, he allowed her to use his phone where she called her daughter allowing investigators to pin her location through her cellphone leading detectives to a Exxon gas station. 

When officials approached the vehicle, they asked Hanes to get out of the vehicle; however, he declined. Officials then tried to remove him of the car causing Hanes to physically fight four deputies. Officials were able to remove the handgun and they discovered one bullet in the chamber as well as

“seven bullets in the magazine.”

Cops learned Hanes had a criminal history. 

Hanes has been arrested and been charged

“assault, aggravated burglary, aggravated kidnapping, convicted felon in possession of a handgun, domestic assault, and theft of property between $1,000 to $2,500, four counts of assault against a first responder and resisting official detention, among other charges,”

reports the news outlet

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