LHHNY’s Kiyanne Claims She Was Assaulted By A Whole Foods Store Manager And Cops Refused To Investigate

 LHHNY’s Kiyanne Claims She Was Assaulted By A Whole Foods Store Manager And Cops Refused To Investigate

LHHNY cast member, Kiyanne, claims she was assaulted by a white Whole Foods store manager during a race-driven attack caught on store surveillance video. She says the cops refused to properly report and investigate the incident. 

Kiyanne took to her Instagram, detailing the allegedly violent encounter that happened Monday night at a Whole Foods in Lake Grove, NY. Kiyanne claims employee Stephanie Kopyta attacked her in the store. The reality star says when Suffolk County police arrived, they refused to make a report and declined to review any store surveillance videos—citing that Kopyta (the store manager) said the assault never happened. 

Kiyanne claims when she requested a police supervisor come to the scene, the officer lied and identified himself as the supervisor and still refused to giver her a police report. 

Kiyanne posted pictures of her injuries along with clips of the rude exchange with the officer on scene.

Do you think she should take legal action in this case?



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  • Clearly this is all fake. Pictures of her injuries?? How that manager is gonna injure her and get away with it? Whole Foods has to have footage of all of this and this is not a company that condones racism. Kiyanne has a lot of gaps in her story and her video only shows her yelling at the police. This woman is crying wolf. Calling for media attention. She left out that she was working on Amazon Clock doing deliveries and she was required to show ID entrance Upon entrance to the store while this was closed by the time she arrived and she denied herself. This is protocol and she simply denied to do her job. How is that assault? How is this racism? It so happens that the manager was white and she was black. but what if the manager was black? Then what would this really be? it’s funny how her injured pictures that she posted show injuries where is totally impossible that the shopping cart that she claimed the manager Use to hit her caused those injures and the store camera didn’t record this. Example her wrist bruised is extremely dark for a pushed cart to caused that. In fact the manager needed to use brute strength by grabbing her and pulling her hard for this bruise to happen. So it’s totally fake. Another fact is Kiyanne is leaving out the fact that she called the store after the police had left and threatened the manager to shot her with a gun she claimed she had. She also has bullied this woman releasing her name to the public and the store has been getting a lot of death threats not only to her but to people in the store as well. Where is it this posted? This woman is using her skin color, against another woman’s skin color to justify that she simply FAILED to comply to WHOLEFOODS and AMAZON’s protocol of doing her job. How is all of this justified? she has not actual proof of anything and she needs to stop trying to ruin someone’s job just for the fact that she has social media influence and thinks she can get away with this.

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