Lelee Of SWV Talks About Being Humiliated Working A “Regular Job”

 Lelee Of SWV Talks About Being Humiliated Working A “Regular Job”

SWV member Leanne “Leele” Lyons recalled going from making thousands of dollars, to working a job making $10.50 -11 an hour.

Lelee talked about her experience on Claudia Jordan’s show ”Out Loud.”

Lelee explained how she worked a regular job during SWV’s five-year break. She told Claudia that during that time, she gained peace.

”It taught me how to be in control of my life.”


Claudia commended her for having that outlook,

“That is like an amazing, bomb a** way to look at sh**. You could easily have a reason and be justified to be bitter like I gotta go work a job after being on stage.”

Claudia Jordan

Lelee continued saying how people at her job would harass her.

“I was humiliated. People would call my office, call my extension just to hear my voice. I was in a cubicle, and people would walk by me and be like ”that’s her, that’s her.” I had to block all of that stuff out and say f**k yall I gotta feed these kids.”


Would you work a regular job to support your kids?

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