Las Vegas Landlord Forced Mom Of 5 To Have Sex In Exchange For Housing

 Las Vegas Landlord Forced Mom Of 5 To Have Sex In Exchange For Housing

Photo Credit: KTNV Las Vegas

A Las Vegas woman and her five children were living in a residential hotel when she was finally approved for section 8, a federal program that helps with housing. After being approved, families have 60 days to find a residence that accepts those who receive the assistance. After weeks of searching, and running low on time, the exhausted mother met Allan Rothstein, a property manager and real estate broker.

According to KTNV Las Vegas, Rothstein pressured her to sign a contract stating that she wasn’t romantically involved with anyone who is aggressive and/or owns fire arms and that she had to consent to sexual intercourse, as well as oral sex. She was given the option to either sign or leave.

Housing lawyer Bruce Flammey spoke about the situation in an interview with the news site.

“Nobody in their right mind would go to the trouble to draw up a contract like this,” he said. “Not even on bar exams in law school, nobody has ever put something like this together that I’ve ever seen. Although, in all candor, I think there’s more of these out there.”

After being investigated by Nevada Real Estate Division, Rothstein lost both his real estate broker license and his property management license and will be in federal court after being accused of discrimination, harassment, and fraud.

Breanna Torres

Breanna Torres is both an Onsite news writer, as well as a freelance writer, and is known as a social justice activist within the Black, LGBTQ+, and disabled communities. Born in Houston, Texas, she currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband and 4 year old son. In her free time, you can find Breanna spending her day cooking and enjoying food, dancing, and playing video games.

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