Kendall Jenner Wants To Be Beyoncè’s Personal Assistant

 Kendall Jenner Wants To Be Beyoncè’s Personal Assistant

Supermodel Kendall Jenner shared during a behind the scenes video from her brand new Spring 2020 Calvin Klein campaign, that she would love to be Beyoncè’s personal assistant for a year. She’d hope assisting Beyoncè would spark a friendship between the two.

“If I had to be a personal assistant for a year, I’d pick Beyoncé. Just ’cause I wanna know what she eats in the morning. I just wanna know what she has for breakfast.”

Jenner added that being the assistant to the extremely private singer would give an all-access look to seeing Queen Bey at her most normal. 

“Like do you watch Bachelor in Paradise? Because if so, we should be best friends!”

Do you think Kendall would make a great assistant or should she stick to modeling?  Check out her full interview below!

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