Keke Palmer Says Child Stars Grow Up To Become “People Pleasers”

 Keke Palmer Says Child Stars Grow Up To Become “People Pleasers”

Recently, “Akeelah and The Bee” star KeKe Palmer sat down with Instyles Editor-in-Chief’s podcast, Ladies First with Laura Brown. She spoke about growing up as a child in the entertainment industry and the adversities she’s faced. 

Palmer says

“At a young age, as a child [in the] entertainer world, your emotions are always the last thing that people care about,” 

She says due to this many child stars seek validation and become people-pleasers. She mentions that child stars tend to be misunderstood because they’ve dedicated their lives attempting to be everything everyone else wants them to be. 

She continues on to say that your youth is supposed to be a time where you’re discovering who you are as an individual. However, it can be tough as a child in entertainment because you’re

“trying to be everything that everybody wants you to be.” 

Seeking that validation and worrying if people understands her has been a long battle that she has been facing. Palmer mentions that she has fought a lot of that most of my adult life.” 

However, as always, Palmer continues to push through and maintain her confidence and continued faith that

“dreams are possible.” She admits that she can be naive but goes on to say “I still choose to live in that fearless and confident space.” 

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