JT Gifts Yung Miami $300,000 Chain For Her 26th B-Day

 JT Gifts Yung Miami $300,000 Chain For Her 26th B-Day

Via #ONSITE Contributor @MannieOnTheScene

JT from the #CityGirls went all out for her other half #YungMiami’s birthday and bought her a new 130 carat chain worth $300,000.

Yung Miami turned 26 yesterday and received tons of gifts. She even posted her cash app and requested her fans send her $5 or $20. Plenty of fans sent money, but nothing tops JT’s chain which pretty much costs a house. Sources told TMZ that this chain took 2 months to make and came from the famous celebrity jeweler #ElliotEliantte.

When JT was released from prison, Yung Miami gifted her some ice too. JT posted to her Instagram:

“Happy birthday to my EVERYTHING. I spent a car on this I F**ING LOVE YOU & if a btch ever think otherwise they crazy!!!! Btch you love diamonds Chanel & your kids…. it’s all there! Pop your sht!!!!” On the back of the chain reads “I love you, Period!”

Are the #CityGirls officially the most iced out chicks in the game?


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