Joseline Hernandez Announces New Tell-All Documentary

 Joseline Hernandez Announces New Tell-All Documentary

“The Puerto Rican Princess” Joseline Hernandez has announced the two-hour documentary of her life over the weekend and fans are nervous. 

Joseline has been in front of the camera for quite a while, now she’s going behind the lens to produce her own documentary that’ll be featured on YouTube. 

Joseline took to Instagram and addressed fans who are “mad” that she’s making the documentary. It seems that not everyone is excited that she’s getting personal with the public.

“My Docu series is so hot People Mad. You can’t stop Me from saying nothing! I can say and will say anything I want!! Sending emails and letters won’t stop me from Speaking on what happen from 2012-2019 so please save your time. Or sh*t can and will really get ugly,” said Joseline. 

Joseline captioned the picture of her episode-list and said she wants “another young lady to utilize her pain, sorrow, and knowledge.” 

Will y’all be tuning in on YouTube or Nah?


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