Hallelujah! Televangelist Kenneth Copeland Says He Has Healed Us Through Our TV Sets

 Hallelujah! Televangelist Kenneth Copeland Says He Has Healed Us Through Our TV Sets

Victory News

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland says he has the power to heal. Therefore, he went on the Victory News to cure his parishioners of the Coronavirus.

He dipped his hand in some clear liquid. Then, he told his flock to put their hands on the television screen and touch his. As their hands were virtually touching, he let them know they are healed.

“I’m not the sick trying to get healed. I’m the healed and the devil is trying to give me the flu, or whatever else kind of thing he’s trying. Heal and well in the sweet name of Jesus.”

Kenneth Copeland

The Christian Post says that in the hour-long special, he also told the audience that Coronavirus is a “weak flu.”

“So fear is faith in him (devil). It’s a spiritual force. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Fear comes by hearing and a hearing by the word of the devil. The lies of Satan. All worry is fear-based. All anxiety is fear-based. All depression is fear-based. Amen. So fear of this virus, forget about corona. It’s another form of the flu,”

The 83-year-old told his viewers that they should still come to his ministry, even though the CDC suggests that people pray from home for the next few weeks. He let them know he will take their temperatures when they were in his church. If they had one, he can cure them on the spot.

He is not the only one saying he can cure you of the virus. Jim Bakker was selling colloidal silver that he falsely claims will heal you in 12 hours.

Neither one will cure you, but they will make your wallet a lot lighter if you send those men your money. Copeland is said to be worth over $750 million dollars. He doesn’t need your hard-earned money to allegedly buy more private jets.

Plus, if he is such a big healer, then why can’t he heal his awful plastic surgery that, I think, makes him look like the devil?


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