Woman Discovered That A Guy She Was Dating Was Dating Another Woman After Coming Across A TikTok Video Of Her Getting Ready For Dinner At His House

A woman is shocked after learning a guy she was dating for 5 months was dating another girl. Interestingly enough, she learned about it on TikTok after scrolling through her For You Page on TikTok and discovered a video of a woman getting ready for dinner at the same guy’s home.  The woman, Liesel, posted […]

‘GMA’ Star Amy Robach ‘Blindsided’ By Lover TJ Holmes’ Past Affairs After Alleged Months-Long Affair With 24-Year-Old

Married Woman Refuses To Adopt Her Nephew Before Her Sister Loses Custody, Says ‘We Enjoy Our Life As It Is’

Woman Reveals That She Mistakenly Married and Had A Baby With Her Cousin, Say They’re Still Together 

Professor Advises Students To ‘Watch Gay or Lesbian Porn’ To Find New Side Of Sexuality, Says ‘If You’re Straight, Watch Gay Or Lesbian Porn and See How Quickly You Feel Aroused’

Jim Jones Weighs In A Gunna Accepting Plea Deal, Says ‘None Of My N-ggas Took A Plea’ 

‘Euphoria’ Star Chloe Cherry Reveals Thats She Felt Much More Respected As A Porn Star Than As A Waitress

‘Euphoria’ Star Chloe Cherry Reveals That She Wants To Try Monogamy, Says ‘ I’ve never been Monogamous Before and I Want To Try That’ 

Tracee Ellis Ross Talks About Finding Peace In Being Childless, Single & Going Through Perimenopause at 50

Prince Harry Admits The Royal Family Profited From The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

Woman Claims Her Terminally Ill Ex-Husband’s Dying Wish Is To See Her ‘One Last Time’, Current Husband Threatens To Divorce Her If She Goes

OnlyFans Model Says Her Former High School Teacher Pays $1K For Her Photos After Saying She’d Go ‘Nowhere In Life’

TJ Holmes Estranged Wife & Amy Robach’s Ex Texting Each Other After Being Left By ‘GMA’ Co-Anchors, Sources Claim

SZA Reveals That She Was Bullied As A Teen But It Made Her Who She Is, Says ‘I was Bullied Because I Wasn’t Quiet and I Was Awkward At The Same Time’ 

Employee Says Manager Told Her To Go Home After Finding Her Hiding In ‘Super Secret Hiding Spot’ For 3 Hours 

Bella Thorne Reveals She Lost An Acting Role At Just 10 Years Old After The Director Allegedly Accused Her Of ‘Flirting’ With Him 

Man Who Spent $14K To Fulfil His Dream Of Becoming A Dog Is Now Worried That His Friends Will Think It’s ‘Weird’ 

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Minor Then Forcing Her To Get Abortion

Officials Seeking Women Who Allegedly Stole Man’s $25K Rolex and Credit Card After Going To His Home For Drinks 

Scarlett Johansson Says She Was ‘Groomed’ To Play Sexualized Characters In Her Late Teens

Call Center Worker Reveals She Was Fired After Talking About Customer When She Thought Phone Was On Mute 

Amanda Seales Reveals That She Had No Idea That She Was Supposed To Fake Having An Orgasm, Says ‘I Didn’t Know I Was Supposed To Be Faking The Orgasm’ 

George Clooney Discusses Being A Sex Symbol Early On In His Career, ‘Quite Honestly, I Was Objectified’

Shakira Accuses Prosecutors of Engaging In Smear Campaign Against Her, Legal Docs Say

Kanye West Confirms Presidential Run, Enlist Milo Yiannopoulos To Work On 2024 Campaign

Nick Cannon Says ‘I Think I’m Good Right Now’ When Discussing Having More Kids

Michelle Obama Admits That She Straightened Her Hair Because Americans Weren’t Ready For A First Lady With Braids  

Fat Joe Believes He Should’ve Won Best Rap Song Grammy Over Chance The Rapper Back In 2017, Says ‘They Gave It To Him For A Record I Don’t Even Know No More’  

21 Savage Reveals That He Is Paranoid All The Time Following Past Experiences With Gun Violence, Says ‘I’m Scared Of Everybody’ 

Boy Avoids Potential Kidnapping By Asking Cashier To Pretend That She’s His Mother 

Woman Detained At Airport After Being Caught Carrying Boyfriend’s Ashes In Butt Plug Sex Toy  

Ariana Grande’s Brother Frankie Grande Was Brutally Attacked And Robbed In NYC By Two Teenagers

Jerry Springer Admits To ‘Ruining The Culture’ With His Daytime TV Show

Barack Obama Clowns Dr. Oz For His Past Health Recommendations, Says Dr. Oz Is ‘Willing To Peddle Snake Oil To Make A Buck’

Mother Reveals That Parents In Denmark Allow Their Infants To Sleep Alone In Their Stroller On The Street  

Former NBA Player Jamaal Tinsley Paid $250,000 In Fines For Not Showering With His Team

Akon Reveals 2006 Hit Song ‘I Wanna Love You’ Was Originally Written For Trick Daddy, Says Once Plies Got Ahold Of It, He Added his Versus & Leaked Song  

Mother Shocked After Revealing Ex-Husband Left Her For Her Daughter Once She Turned 18, Daughter Then Became Pregnant With Man’s Child  

Woman Revealed The Time Her Nipple Fell Off While Breastfeeding Her Infant Son, Nearly Choking Him  

Rapper Offset Threatens Rah Ali, Says “U Better Be Safe”

Rapper Mystikal Asks Judge To Reconsider Bond In Rape Case, Lawyer Presents Court With New Evidence

Florida Surgeon Asks Judge To Throw Out 50 Cent’s Penis Enhancement Lawsuit Against Her

President Joe Biden Slammed For Giving Young Girl Unsolicited Dating Advice, Says ‘No Serious Guys Until You’re 30’

Faith Evans Reportedly Continues On With Divorce From Stevie J Months After His Public Apology and Mother’s Day Tribute  

The Game’s Sexual Assault Accuser Priscilla Rainey Hires Private Investigator To Help Collect Remaining Balance In $7 Million Settlement  

McDonald’s Employee Puts Parents On Blast For Making Their Children Pay For Their Food, Says ‘Y’all Got Little Damion Sitting Over Here Spending His Birthday Money On A F-cking Happy Meal’  

Jada Pinkett Smith Reportedly Set To Release ‘Honest’ Memoir That Will Cover Marriage To Will Smith, Longtime Friendship With Tupac Shakur, and More   

Lizzo Took Her Family To Therapy To Explain That She Would Be Using Profanity In Her Songs, Mom Says

Innovator Designs ‘Butt Baby,’ A Prosthetic Baby That Gives Trans Women The ‘Experience Of Child Birth’

Man Suing Antonio Brown For Allegedly Selling Him Fake Richard Mille Watch

Angelina Jolie Accused Brad Pitt Of ‘Physically Abusing’ Her And Their Children During A Fight On The Couple’s Private Jet

Video Shows Antonio Brown Exposing Himself and Shoving Bare Buttock In Woman’s Face In Dubai Hotel’s Pool   

Khloè Kardashian Learns She Suffers From Brain Trauma, Reveals Tristan Thompson’s Cheating Was ‘Traumatic’  

Rachel Dolezal Joins OnlyFans, Says She Is Paying Homage To Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Line

Woman Claiming To Be Kim Porter’s Niece Suing Diddy For Wrongful Termination, Says She Got Fired After Revealing She Was Pregnant

‘Kardashians’ Fans Accuse Editors Of Giving Kim ‘Fake Tears’ via ‘CGI’

DDG Shocked By Racist Critics Who Judged Halle Bailey For Portraying Ariel In ‘The Little Mermaid,’ Says He Thought Martin Luther King ‘Canceled’ Racism  

Celebrity Stylist Travis Terry Accused Kylie Jenner Of Copying His Marketing Concept In New ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ Promotional Video, Says ‘They Always Steal From Our Culture Instead Of Supporting’

19-Year-Old Mother Gives Birth To Twins With Different Dads After Having Sex With Two Men On Same Day 

30-Year-Old Woman Arrested After Reportedly Faking Abduction To Extort Her Mother 

‘Boy Meets World’ Star Trina McGee Opens Up About Being Discriminated On The Show, Says The Showrunner Asked Her To ‘Turn Down’ Her Blackness

Leonardo DiCaprio Reportedly ‘Getting To Know’ Gigi Hadid, Fans Point Out ‘Not Surprising’ Age Gap

Candace Owens Accuses Tennessee Hospital Of Mistreatment During Her Labor And Delivery, Says She Suffered ’24 Hours Of Torture’

Diddy’s Son King Combs Admits That He Would Take Dinner With Jay-Z Over $500K, Says ‘It Was Definitely Worth It’ 

R&B Legend, Tank Weighs In On ‘Is R&B Dead’ Debate, Say ‘People Would Rather Hear Rappers Singing Bad Than Singers Singing Good’

Shaquille O’Neal Reveals He Was Embarrassed Because He Couldn’t Help His Son Do His Resume, Says ‘I Had To Call Somebody’ 

Hilary Duff’s 3-Year-Old Daughter Told Her Soccer Camp That Her Mom Has ‘Diarrhea’ From Making ‘Bad Chicken’

Curvy Elementary School Teacher Receives Backlash For Wearing Tight and ‘Inappropriate’ Clothing To Work

Lil Wayne Goes Off After Someone Tossed An Object At Him Amid His Performance, Says ‘If You Know Who That Was That Threw That sh-t, Tell Him I Said f-ck Him and Suck On A Muthaf-ckin d-ck’ 

Mother Shocked After Witnessing Her 7-Year-Old Daughter’s Prosthetic Leg Fly Off Carnival Ride, Says ‘My daughter’s Leg Malfunctioned At The Fair and Fell Off From The Swings’ 

R. Kelly’s Daughter, Joann Kelly, Says Her Father’s Reputation Has Caused Her To Lose Record Deals

Notorious B.I.G.’s Daughter T’yanna Wallace Posts Boyfriend’s $1M Bond In Hit-And-Run Case

Homeowner Enraged That No Arrests Have Been Made After Teens Break Into $8 Million Mansion and Throws Houseparty, Partygoers Stole $3.5K Yves Saint Laurent Bag and More  

Joycelyn Savage To Publish Tell-All Book About Life In R. Kelly’s Shadow, Says ‘All I Can Say Is That It Is About Robert, The Beginning Of My Life In Robert’s Shadow’  

Cop-Hating Woman Charged With Misdemeanor After Calling Precincts 11,000 Times To Argue With Anyone Who Answered

Kim Kardashian Reportedly ‘Very Sad’ About Split From Pete Davidson, Sources Say They Knew ‘It Wasn’t Going To Work’ 

Maino Reveals The Time Keyshia Cole Tossed Lemons At Him In The Club After He Lied About ‘Finger Popping’ Her In One Of His Songs

Jennifer Lopez’s First Husband Believes Her Marriage With Ben Affleck ‘Won’t Last,’ Says ‘I Can’t See Her Ever Settling Down With One Person’ 

MMA Fighter Blake Perry Suffers From Disfigured Nose After Taking Knee To His Face During Match 

Megan Thee Stallion and Big Sean Are Reportedly Being Sued For Copyright Infringement After Two Songwriters Claim They Ripped Off Their Song  

Waitress Shocked After Receiving Three Thousand Dollar Tip On A ThirteenDollar Bill 

Nick Cannon Believes Most Women Need To Work On Their Feminine Hygiene, Says ‘80% Of Women Probably Need Assistance When It Comes To Female Hygiene’ 

LeBron James Slams U.S. Government For Their Slow Efforts In Bringing Brittney Griner Home, Says ‘How Could She Feel Like America Has Her Back’

Alaska Airlines Flight Delayed After Two Pilots Refused To Fly Together Over A ‘Professional Disagreement’  

DaBaby Says He Can Make $200K For A Club Appearance, Says ‘Sometimes I Get $200K’  

Professor Facing Backlash After Proposing A ‘Cure For Homosexuality,’ Says ‘Can We At Least Try To Find A Cure For Homosexuality, Especially Among Men’  

Influencer And Mother Of Jason Derulo’s Son Publicly Accuses Him Of Cheating On Her Throughout Relationship

Ricky Martin Accused Of Domestic Violence Against Nephew Who Claims Being In A Relationship With The Singer, May Face 50 Years If Convicted

Terrence Howard Claims He Reinvented Physics, Wants To Utilize ‘New Hydrogen’ Technology To Defend Uganda 

Photo Credit: PicPlayPost Gip

Charlamagne Tha God Believes The Put Your Shoes On Challenge Is ‘Whack,’ Says ‘I Don’t Like People Laughing At Their kid’s Pain, Traumatizing Those Kids For Likes and Reposts’ 

Woman Faces Criticism After She Adds ‘Sex Work’ To LinkedIn Profile Listing It As Self-Employment 

Nick Cannon Refused To ‘Endorse’ Sherri Shepherd’s Upcoming Talk Show Out Of Support For Wendy Williams 

Mother Receives Backlash After Putting Her Baby In ‘Heels’ In Viral Video 

Mario Announces New Music With Tory Lanez Despite Previously Speaking Out Against Him For Allegedly Shooting Megan Thee Stallion 

Woman says Her Boyfriend Spent Thousands Of Dollars On OnlyFans Every Night While She Nursed Their Newborn 

Ice Cube Named Lil Wayne As The Best Rapper Of All Time, Says ‘It’s Hard To Beat Lil Wayne’ 

Walgreens Cashier Allegedly Refused To Sell Couple Condoms Because Of His Faith

Cameron Diaz Revealed That She Smuggled Drugs To Morocco Before Landing Her Role In ‘The Mask’

Andrew Cuomo Allegedly Got Advice From Bill Clinton On How To Handle A Sex Scandal

School Board Director Set To Teach Sex Education Classed To 9-Year-Olds, Including Sexual ‘Pleasure’ 

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Following our earlier report about Kiyomi Leslie’s account on the nude website OnlyFans, she gave us an exclusive statement with claims her ex Bow Wow is trying to paint a false narrative to distract us from her new music video that appears to touch on their previous relationship. “There is no nude on my site. GUTTATL begged me […]

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