Gay Men Have Been Unable To Donate Blood To Those In Need

 Gay Men Have Been Unable To Donate Blood To Those In Need

The nation desperately needs blood donations from Americans but refuses to take it from gay men.

According to NBC News, dozen of gay men have been denied access to donate blood to those in need despite new FDA requirements.

After a petition was filed on 4/2/20 by GLAAD, the FDA changed their restrictions on gay men to be eligible to donate. The regulations include abstaining from any sexual activity from one year to three months before.

Many donation centers staff haven’t been trained or updated their computer systems to accommodate the new rule leaving men unable to give blood. Lukus Estok, a gay man who’s recovered from COVID-19, shared his experience saying,

“I’ve been through a month of hell with this virus. I’m finally recovered. I’ve been through a screening process that tells me I’m a potential candidate to help somebody else and now I’m being told I can’t.”

Lukus Estok

The FDA admits that this new change will take time to implement the new rule and has offered assistance in expediting the process.

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