Florida Man Used 87-Year-Old Woman “As A Mop” To Clean Up Dog Urine

 Florida Man Used 87-Year-Old Woman “As A Mop” To Clean Up Dog Urine

In 2004, Leonard Ervin Wayne Tucker was charged with homicide-manslaughter and served 11 years in prison. In 2018, he began living with a now 87-year-old woman, and was paid to be her caretaker. According to CBS 12, he had been a friend of the elderly woman’s family since the 1990s.

On November 22nd, video footage showed Tucker coming home and yelling at the woman. First, the 56-year-old is seen slapping her in the face. Then later, when the woman is seen cleaning up after a dog’s accident with paper towels, Tucker is shown grabbing her and pulling her to the floor.

“[Tucker] held her by her ankles while he pushed her body back and forth over the spot on the floor,” the police report reads. “Tucker then drug her by her ankles around the living room before releasing her and walking back into the kitchen.”

When the victim’s family finally viewed the footage, she was immediately removed from the home. She was found with bruises on her arms and buttocks. On January 5th, over a month later, Tucker was arrested and charged with elderly abuse. Records show that he was released from Escambia County Jail the next day on an undisclosed bond, and is scheduled to appear in court January 27th.

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