Florida Man Arrested After Accidentally Shooting Love Interest While She Was Twerking On Him

 Florida Man Arrested After Accidentally Shooting Love Interest While She Was Twerking On Him

On November 27th, police responded to a call about a shooting that occurred at a house party in Cocoa, Florida. When officers arrived, an 18-year-old victim was discovered with a gun shot wound to her back. According to Law And Crime, she was then was transported to a hospital in Melbourne, a little other half an away.

Multiple witnesses named Maurqice Rashon Thomas as the young woman’s shooter. Though he was seen waving the gun around recklessly in the victim’s direction, the shooting is believed to have been unintentional. “She was twerking on him and it accidentally went off and she fell to the ground,” one of the witnesses wrote in sworn statement. In cell phone footage obtained by investigators, party goers are seen dancing inside the home and drinking alcohol. Within the video, Thomas is seen “holding a firearm in a reckless manner.”

After the victim underwent numerous surgeries, she told police that she had told Thomas to stop playing around with the gun prior to the shooting. She then said that when she felt the firearm rub against her, she tried to move away, and that’s when the weapon had fired. Two days after the victim was shot, she received a message from Thomas on Instagram, pleading with her to continue their not her defined relationship, which was in its early stages.

“I am truly sorry!! That shit was never intended to happen especially to you if there’s any way I can get a second chance and talk to you on the phone can you please lmk and send your number.”

On December 19th, after the victim confirmed with police that she wanted him to be prosecuted, Thomas was was arrested and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, improper use of a firearm, tampering with a misdemeanor proceeding, and culpable negligence inflicting harm. The suspect is currently being held at Brevard County Sheriff’s Office on a $89,000 bond.

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