Father Accused Of ‘Executing’ His Daughter’s Boyfriend After Believing He Was Abusing Her  

 Father Accused Of ‘Executing’ His Daughter’s Boyfriend After Believing He Was Abusing Her  

Crow Wing County’s Sheriff’s Office

A father from Minnesota has been taken into custody following the


of his daughter’s boyfriend, Bryce Brogle, after he had reason to believe Brogle was abusing his child, reports FOX. 45-year-old Michael Lee Laflex has been charged with second-degree intentional homicide after his daughter’s 23-year-old boyfriend was located in a

“make shift grave”

on Sunday, reports the New York Post

Brogle was missing since October 28 after Laflex’s daughter informed officials that she hasn’t spoken to her boyfriend since he went to a storage unit with her father two days before. After officials searched the storage unit, they discovered

“blood and bleach on the floor along with drag marks,”

per FOX. 

Officials then searched the area and located the 23-year-old’s corpse

“in grave site with a gunshot wound to the back of the head,”

Fox reports. Officials were informed by an anonymous citizen who was concerned. The citizen said Laflex told a family member that he believed Brogle was abusing his daughter and later admitted to shooting him at the storage unit. The relative also claimed the father confessed to burying Brogle’s body where it couldn’t be found. 

The father also called the 23-year-old’s landlord questioning him if he ever witnessed Brogle abuse his daughter. The landlord told Laflex that he once seen his daughter with

“two black eyes.”

The father then told the landlord that he was going to murder the boyfriend and bury him in a hole he

“already dug,”

said officials. 

Laflex is currently being held on $2 million unconditional bail. 

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