Driving Ban Lifted At Burning Man Festival, Allowing Attendees To Leave After Being Stranded In ‘Muddy’ Desert

 Driving Ban Lifted At Burning Man Festival, Allowing Attendees To Leave After Being Stranded In ‘Muddy’ Desert

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Johannes Plenio

The driving ban at the annual Burning Man music and arts festival was lifted on Monday afternoon, allowing attendees to begin leaving the Nevada desert, according to NPR

Organizers announced the start of

“Exodus operations”

at 2 p.m. local time and urged attendees not to walk out of the remote Black Rock Desert location. The ban had been imposed due to muddy roads caused by heavy storms that left attendees stranded. Nearly an inch of precipitation flooded the area starting on Friday, prompting organizers to close access to the festival until conditions improved.

Despite various challenges such as stuck vehicles, overflowing port-a-potties, delayed bus pickups, and unreliable Wi-Fi, NPR spoke to several attendees who remained upbeat despite the damp weather.

“We’re pooling all our food as far as resources. And I would say honestly, walking around the city, spirits are pretty high,”

attendee Anya Kamenetz told the outlet. 

According to event volunteer Josh Lease, individuals at the event embody the true essence of Burning Man by generously sharing warm clothes and phone chargers whenever possible. Additionally, the atmosphere is filled with



“It’s like any other Burning Man, just muddy,”

he told NPR. 

Meanwhile, authorities in Nevada were investigating a fatality that occurred at the site. The Pershing County Sheriff’s Office, as reported by KNSD-TV, revealed on Saturday that an individual had passed away during the event. However, it is unclear whether the death was potentially caused by the weather conditions.

Starting on Monday, the muck is anticipated to clear up as clear skies are predicted, leading to inevitable traffic congestion during the final days of the annual event. 

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