Drake Reportedly Wanted “No Parts” Of Celina Powell

 Drake Reportedly Wanted “No Parts” Of Celina Powell

Some old alleged texts messages are resurfacing between champagne papi and industry troll Celina Powell, who’s known to get famous men in trouble. Social media gas caught the buzz and applauded the boy Drake for his strong curve game.

The messages which are actually from 2019 between her and the “More Life” artist made their way back to the internet in an IG post by no jumper. In the screenshot Powell sent a text to Drake saying who she was, and he expeditiously hit her with, “def never gave u my number. I know who u are. I want noooo parts.”

Now the blondie has since cleared up the alleged messages via a tweet explaining that she already spoke on the topic. Either way, Drizzy is getting all the praise.

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