DJ Suss One Returns With ‘Dinner & A Movie,’ Private Advance Screening For ‘Scream’

 DJ Suss One Returns With ‘Dinner & A Movie,’ Private Advance Screening For ‘Scream’

On Wednesday, January 12th  2022, DJ Suss One hosted a successful and exclusive event,

‘Dinner & A Movie with DJ Suss One,’

in association with The Feature Presentation and Paramount Pictures for a VIP advance private screening of


featuring Melissa Barrera, and David Arquetta. The long awaited thriller directed by Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, tells the story of a new Ghostface murderer arising after the initial series of murders twenty-five years ago in Woodsboro, California.   

The private event began with a cocktail hour that allowed guests to mingle amongst one another while taking photos on the red carpet. Celebrity guests and influencers received the treatment of a lifetime, as they were escorted to their assigned seats with customized name cards, and served dinner amid the movie. Celebrity guests like comedian and influencer, Mr. Commodore, VH1’s Black Ink cast member, Donna Lombardi, recording artist Lea Robinson, and many more were in attendance. 

Now, this isn’t DJ Suss One’s first rodeo, previously, he has produced advance private screenings of other movies such as,

‘A Quiet Place II,’

featuring Djimon Hounsou, and Stephen King’s

“IT: Chapter II,”

just to name a few. Each event served as an accomplishment, as the Power 105.1 DJ admitted that his overall goal for producing these events is to offer a

“great experience”

to his industry friends and colleagues. 

“Honestly, giving a great experience for people in the industry. It’s where music and movies meet basically, like, the people that are my friends in the music industry get to have fun and have a good time with good food and watch movies with me, and connect my love for the movie world, that’s all it really is,”

said DJ Suss One. The Maryland Live 97.5 DJ told Onsite,

“A lot of artists are infatuated with it because usually when people ask them to come to events they’re like, come to the strip club, you know, come to the club. This is an experience that they actually really want to come to. They want to go see the movies, they want to have food, it’s free food, it’s a free movie and you know, both parties succeed and win together.” 

Mr. Commodore mentioned that he has been to the previous Dinner and A Movie events hosted by DJ Suss One, as he told Onsite that past events were

“always lit.”

The comedian continued,

“shout out to DJ Suss One, The Feature Presentation, Dinner and a Movie. This is hot, man, it’s hot, I’m just glad he always invites me.” 

Scream coming to theaters, Friday, January 14th. 

Photo Credit: @KPShotit
Photo Credit: @KPShotit


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