Denny’s Says $4K Tip Left For Waitress Was Actually $4

 Denny’s Says $4K Tip Left For Waitress Was Actually $4

A Memphis Denny’s claims that a tip for nearly $4.5k is a mistake and is actually just $4. 

Shikira Edwards was a part-time waitress at Denny’s for over three years. She is gearing up to take legal action after she claims her managers refuse to give her the $4,451.61 tip left for her by a customer in early this week. The company today says that the tip was a mistake.

“This investigation involved the franchise, its manager and staff, the guest and his bank. It was ultimately determined the guest, who is elderly and unfamiliar with the debit system used at this location, entered a tip amount of $4,451.61 when he intended to leave a $4 tip on his bill,” said Denny’s spokeswoman. 

Denny’s has yet to provide her with proof that the tip was a mistake or that they actually tracked down the customer who left it. 

Should Denny’s run sis her coins? Y’all think they’re trying to keep it?


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