Deja Vu Strip Clubs Offering Free Face Masks And Hand Sanitizer

 Deja Vu Strip Clubs Offering Free Face Masks And Hand Sanitizer

Have you tried to buy hand sanitizer or protective face masks recently? It is nearly impossible to find a store that carries either. Well, two of the Deja Vu Strip Clubs are giving away those items for free to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

Showgirls Tampa is handing out a protective face mask to anyone who pays to go inside their club during the month of March while supplies last. How many are they giving out? 10,000! While the costumers are making it rain dollars, they are preventing people from making it rain coughs.

If you think 10,000 is a lot, over in Las Vegas anyone who pays for admittance to Little Darlings this month will get a free bottle of the good stuff while supplies last. How many are they handing out for their customers’ hands? 50,000 bottles.

Why are they doing this? For 40 years Deja Vu has been giving back to the communities they have their businesses in. Las Vegas is the land of tourists, and they want to keep the visitors to the City of Sin virus free. You can say they want what happens in Vegas, to stay in Vegas. However, in Tampa, this giveaway has a special meaning.

“But an opportunity to help with the Coronavirus scare strikes a special emotional chord with us. One of my close friends recently tested positive. While she’s likely to be just fine, I know many others will have a different fate, so we wanted to do something helpful.”

Mark Figueroa, General Manager of the Tampa’s Deja Vu Showgirls

This is not the only charitable thing they have done this week. Showgirls Nashville is donating 10,000 bottles of premium alkaline bottled water to those who were affected by the deadly and devastating tornadoes last week.

What do they want people to take away from these charitable promotions?

“As with any of our charity drives and giveaways, we hope that we can encourage our neighbors, vendors, and other area businesses to do similar acts of community support”

Ryan Carlson, Deja Vu’s Director of Operations

The only way we are going to get through this crisis is if we work together as one big community. Who would have thought that the leader in live adult entertainment and adult retail stores would remind us of that?


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